First Hotline Call

One of the duties of Ocean Spirits is to be around for any hotline calls. Many times people on the island will call if they see a turtle caught in fishing lines, nesting in the middle of the day, or sometimes even if there’s a turtle in a local market. So we had a call that there was a turtle caught in these fishermen’s lines. We hurried up and got in the car and headed on our way. However, this turtle was halfway up the island, over an hour away. So our vet ended up beating us there and the fishermen had already cut their lines and got the turtle out, and after our vet took the measurements and got her tags and everything, he let her go. So by the time we got there, we missed the turtle. But regardless it was a really cool story because rarely will fishermen sacrifice their lines for a turtle. Most of the time they will cut the turtle before they cut their lines. Seeing this change firsthand was pretty awesome. The bay the turtle was in was also absolutely gorgeous and secluded. The drive down to it was very scary because it was like a straight down dirt road.

There was another part to the beach on the other side of a rocky outcropping so we went there to check to make sure she didn’t go up to that beach. To get there however, was an absolute hike. We had to basically climb down a cliff. And the fishermen literally do that hike up and down the cliff every day. The beach was also super pretty and untouched, but it was COVERED in sargassum seaweed.

You would literally sink into the seaweed and it came up to almost my ankles. We ended up finding a hawksbill nest up the beach and are going to have to go back when it is closer to hatching because there is no way the hatchling could make it to the sea with all that seaweed. It sucked I was not able to actually see the turtle and help it, but it was cool to see some other parts of the island.

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